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Company News
March 20
As part of our OnRetail™ "total" solution strategy, WebMeridian is now offering state-of-the-art FOSCAM IP cameras for commercial and residential security and asset protection.
November 5
WebMeridian will soon be releasing a Retail Supply Chain POS solution, named OnRetail™ for SME and global corporations.
September 18
Pentaho and WebMeridian are excited to announce the release of Pentaho Business Analytics 5. It has over 250 new features and enhancements. Its web console is ever more unified, visual and user-friendly. Pentaho 5 is truly a business intelligence solution for everyone and anyone!

Check out the new Pentaho 5

Contact us for Pentaho 5 demo.
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Our Company
Instant OnRetail(tm)WebMeridian began its humble IT solution and service business in Connecticut, USA in 1998. It started by offering business-to-consumer (B2C) web site development to small local businesses in the food catering to fine-arts retail. The company developed its first subscription-based e-commerce solution in 2001, named Instant OnRetailTM that offered retailers convenient e-commerce plug-in to their web sites.

WebMeridian later expanded its solution and service offerings to corporations, like General Electric, Prudential, CYA, Vivendi, Nintendo, DAZ3D and others by developing for them rich-content and global-reaching web applications.

Today, we are crossing another great milestone by expanding our services worldwide.

Vision and Mission

With vision

Core Values
Cultivate integrity, commitment, leadership and cutting-edge on what we do best.

Provide quality, innovative and cost-effective solutions and services for our clients.
Our critical goal is to make their business competitive and successful!

We offer web solutions to the world.

It is undeniable that our continuous strive to provide the most satisfactory customer services and cutting-edge IT solutions to corporations and governments have helped us to be where we are today. Our gratitude is to those who believed in our mission and have given us the chance to bring their businesses to a whole new level. WebMeridian will continue to excel with a clear vision and focus on what enterprise software will be and should be that will give them a better business competitive edge.

Global Reach
Our company has expanded our IT solution centers to India and Malaysia to strategically cater to our global clients. We are strategically and organically offering our enterprise solutions and services to global markets.
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