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March 20
As part of our OnRetail™ "total" solution strategy, WebMeridian is now offering state-of-the-art FOSCAM IP cameras for commercial and residential security and asset protection.
November 5
WebMeridian will soon be releasing a Retail Supply Chain POS solution, named OnRetail™ for SME and global corporations.
September 18
Pentaho and WebMeridian are excited to announce the release of Pentaho Business Analytics 5. It has over 250 new features and enhancements. Its web console is ever more unified, visual and user-friendly. Pentaho 5 is truly a business intelligence solution for everyone and anyone!

Check out the new Pentaho 5

Contact us for Pentaho 5 demo.
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OnRetailTM Retail Supply Chain POS Solution
A Retail Supply Chain POS web solution for SME and large corporations. It comes with point-of-sale (POS), inventory management, customer/vendor management, staff management, ordering, accounting and many more modules. OnRetailTM can support multi-currency, multilingual and multiple store branches. Its POS module can interface with all any retail hardware peripherals. Retail, logistic and manufacturing will greatly benefit from it.

It's coming soon...
OnRetailTM FOSCAM IP Security Cameras
As part of our OnRetail™ "total" solution strategy, we are now offering state-of-the-art FOSCAM IP cameras for commercial and residential security and asset protection. FOSCAM comes with easy-to-operate technologies with many desired features for our retail and corporate clients to better protect their assets and manage their resources. For your peace-of-mind, they come with a 2-year manufacturing defect warranty!

WebMeridian is an authorized provider and expert installer of FOSCAM IP cameras in Malaysia.
EKSESTM Collaborative Knowledge Center
Enterprise Knowledge-Society Empowerment Solution (EKSESTM) that is wiki-based to allow corporations and governments to affordably and effectively carry out collaborative knowledge content authoring and management within their organization or share content with their customers and vendors. The solution can become your organization's web portal whereby every department can have its own homepage.
Looking for a BI suite that does not empty your bank account and with a simple license for unlimited users? Pentaho® Business Analytics 5 offers an easy-to-use platform that can publish reports and dashboards, perform sophisticated analysis, data integration and mining. It comes with support for mobile and cloud. Moreover it has all the tools to work with Big Data. It is truly a BI solution for everyone and anyone! WebMeridian has been a technical partner of Pentaho USA since 2007.

Check out the new Pentaho 5

Liferay® CMS Portal
Liferay® portal is a chic way to share, work and collaborate. A enterprise portal-portlet platform using Web 2.0 and SOA that offers over 60 tools and features, ie. drag-n-drop, integration with other business applications, single sign-on, wiki publishing, dynamic form, workflow, multi-tier search, audit trail, content management and work collaboration. WebMeridian offers the services to deploy, configure, customize and enhance this web solution for your organization. We also have developed our own add-on portlets for businesses and are capable to integrate iferay® portal to your existing business applications via web services.
iTOTTM Online Learning and Teaching
Internet Technology for Online Teaching (iTOTTM) is an advanced SCORM 1.2 and Web 2.0 solution for online teaching, learning and testing. It comes with course enrollment and subscription payment.
PDF conversion, stamping (watermarking) and encryption (up to 256-bit) software for Windows© and Linux© desktop and web server. This software works with PDF up to version 1.7 (xref stream) that many other competing software are not yet able to work with.
MakeMarketTM E-Commerce
Are you ready to do business online? With MakeMarketTM solution, you can open virtual shops in a week! This Web 2.0 solution supports multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-storefront, payment gateways, coupons, virtual products and all the nice features you want to carry out a global commerce.
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