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March 20
As part of our OnRetail™ "total" solution strategy, WebMeridian is now offering state-of-the-art FOSCAM IP cameras for commercial and residential security and asset protection.
November 5
WebMeridian will soon be releasing a Retail Supply Chain POS solution, named OnRetail™ for SME and global corporations.
September 18
Pentaho and WebMeridian are excited to announce the release of Pentaho Business Analytics 5. It has over 250 new features and enhancements. Its web console is ever more unified, visual and user-friendly. Pentaho 5 is truly a business intelligence solution for everyone and anyone!

Check out the new Pentaho 5

Contact us for Pentaho 5 demo.
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WebMeridian Technologies introduces an Enterprise Knowledge-Society Empowerment Solution (EKSESTM) that is Wiki-based to allow corporations and governments to affordably and effectively carry out collaborative knowledge-content sharing and management within their organization or with their customers/vendors. The solution can become your organization's Web site portal in which every department can have its own homepage. This high-performance and yet affordable Web solution runs on many open-access as well as proprietary browser, server and database platforms. As a result, our clients do not have to make difficult system resource choices.

The homepage above illustrates the generic graphical design and layout of the OEM software solution.
They can easily be customized and re-branded by your organization.

The Web solution has the following features that are ready for use right-out-of-the-box. These features are very customizable and adaptable for the use in corporations, colleges, government agencies and community at-large.

Wiki Web & Book
Create and edit rich wiki web pages and books to share with others.
Create calendars and schedule events.
Chat & Blog
Group instant chat with channels. Always-live private chat. Create and post blogs.
Messages & WebMail
Send, receive and obtain alert messages. Ability to receive external emails.
Powerful Search
Indexed search any content with ranking. Text search into PDF and MS Office© files.
News Articles
Create and publish news articles by topics. Submit articles for review.
Projects & Tasks
Create projects and assign tasks to users. Keep track of their progress with alerts.

Personalize display language, theme, region, menu layout and more.

Live Support Chat
Provide live support to users in real-time.

Friends & Community
Make friends and search by their activities. See them online.

RSS Feeds
RSS feed from various content types, i.e. news, blogs and more.

File and image galleries. Image galleries has slideshow feature.

Flash Movies
Upload and play Flash SWF and FLV movies. Create video tutorials for online learning.

Google Maps
Map user locations and other relevant information onto free Google© Map.

Multi-lingual Support
Support multi-lingual display and texts. Comes with live language edit feature.

Logs & Statistics
Log user activities and provide usage statistics.

Surveys & Polling
Setup surveys with statistical results. Create polling for any web content.

Categorize various content types to allow easy access and search of contents.

Ranking & Comment
Can rank and comment on various content types.

Access Control
Define access control for user-groups by using provided feature permissions.

News Articles
Admin users, groups, global and feature parameters.

Typeset Formula
Rich-text editor allows typeset of math formulae.

Flash Games
Upload Flash games with multi-lingual display and keeping best scores.

Flexible Menus
Standard and ad-hoc menus. User can choose menu position and display.

Question Bank
Enter question into repository. Create exams from them with scoring.

Multiple Web
Hosting multiple web sites (via sub-domains) with distinct banner, homepage, user admin, etc.

Rating & Certification
Content can be rated for appropriateness. They can be certified for authenticity.

Create FAQ
Create FAQ to aid learning and comprehension.

Workflow engine to drive business processes.

Modular Design
Allows custom features to be added and enabled via GUI

EKSESTM offers you lower total cost-of-ownership and easy maintenance for the following reasons:

per server IP use • for unlimited users • allow customization • work on many platforms

Want to know how EKSES™ can facilitate your organization to become a center of excellence?
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